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Mar 7, 2023 | By AjoVest



With one of Africa's fastest-growing economies and a sizable and diversified population, Nigeria offers a wealth of chances for service-based firms. Nigeria is a great area to launch a service business because of its favorable government and thriving business environment. In this post, we will examine the top 10 service ventures in Nigeria that are currently most lucrative to launch, as well as their societal benefits and yearly income output. 



  1. Digital Marketing Services: Digital marketing services are highly sought after in Nigeria as companies want to expand their customer bases by using internet channels. The societal benefits of this service include the creation of jobs and improved internet visibility for companies, and it has the potential to produce up to ₦1,186,436 annually or more, depending on the organization you are working with.
  2. logistics and delivery services: The emergence of e-commerce in Nigeria is a major factor in the sector's tremendous expansion. The benefits of this service to society include quicker and more effective delivery of products and services, which can produce up to ₦3,549,996 per year and ₦295,833 per month in Nigeria. 
  3. health and wellbeing services: As the value of a healthy lifestyle becomes more widely recognized, Nigeria's health and wellness industry is rising quickly. The annual revenue from this service can not be given due to the many unseen circumstances surrounding the health sector and it benefits society by enhancing productivity and health outcomes. 
  4. Financial Services: Nigeria's financial industry is quite profitable and offers several chances for service-based firms. The societal benefits of this service include greater financial inclusion and easier access to finance for business owners. It has the potential to produce up to #50,000,000 and more per year.
  5. Business Consulting Services: As companies look to enhance their operations and boost profitability, business consulting services are highly sought after in Nigeria. The societal benefits of this service include enhanced economic development and increased corporate efficiency, which may produce up to ₦379,167 per month and ₦4,550,004 annually. 
  6. Education and training services: Each community must have access to education and training programs to grow, and Nigeria is no exception. The annual revenue from this service can reach no precise amount but is mostly valued at millions of dollars, and it benefits society by raising literacy rates and raising labor productivity.
  7. Real estate services: With rising demand for residential and commercial properties, Nigeria's real estate market is expanding significantly. The benefits of this service to society include better urban development and expanded access to cheap housing, which may produce Billions of naira annually. 
  8. Information Technology Services: Information technology solutions and services are in high demand in Nigeria, where the information technology sector is expanding quickly. The benefits of this service to society include expanded access to technology and increased company productivity. It has the potential to produce up to 121,617 NGN to 472,915 NGN per month
  9. Cleaning and Janitorial Services: Either in homes or companies, a clean and healthy atmosphere is maintained through cleaning and janitorial services. This service has societal benefits such as enhanced public health and more job possibilities, and it has been valued at over $8m in 2019 and still rising annually. 
  10. Food and beverage services: The Nigerian economy is significantly influenced by the food and beverage industry, which presents a wealth of business options. The benefits of this service to society include enhanced access to high-quality food items and increased food security. It has been valued in the year 2023 at over US$209.40bn




Establishing a service company in Nigeria may be a profitable endeavor because there are so many options across multiple industries. The top 10 most lucrative service industries in Nigeria are covered in this article and have a significant potential for revenue generation as well as several positive social effects, such as the creation of jobs, enhanced health outcomes, increased business effectiveness, and enhanced economic growth. These service industries will remain crucial in propelling Nigeria's economy ahead as the nation expands and develops.