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Mar 17, 2023 | By AjoVest

Establishing a business with N100,000 or more is feasible, but the success of the venture depends on several variables, including market demand, rivalry, marketing tactics, and managerial abilities. Again, starting a business with N100,000 or more is a good route to becoming your own boss and securing your financial future.

Ten business ventures that you may launch with N100,000 or more are listed below:

  1. Writing for Hire or Content Creation:

 With strong writing abilities, you may launch a "writing for hire" or content creation firm with little initial investment. A computer, an internet connection, and a portfolio of your prior work are all you need.

What you must understand about how to work as a writer for hire or content creator are the processes listed below:


  • Build a portfolio as the first step.
  •  Start producing social proof.
  • Build authority via blogging.
  •  Create a pitch.
  • Start on websites for entrepreneurs
  • Build your LinkedIn profile



       2. Tutoring:

 With N100,000 and more, you can launch a tutoring company. Decide on your area of specialty and concentrate on kids that want academic assistance. You may start by promoting your services on social media and in your local area.

8 suggestions for marketing tutoring services


  1. Build a résumé that stands out.
  2. Produce business cards.
  3. Create a website with scheduling features.
  4. publishing a blog for teaching.
  5. creating a value offer that is distinctive.
  6. using gratifying references.
  7. doing an online demonstration.
  8. establishing connections with local schools.


       3. Cleaning Services:

 Establishing a cleaning business involves very little initial funding. You may begin by cleaning homes or commercial structures, and as your business develops, you can extend your services and recruit more workers.

How to Launch a Lucrative Cleaning Company


  • Have a budget. Choose the ideal company name and structure.
  • Register the name you want for your organization or business.
  • Get the necessary cleaning training.
  • assemble your team.
  • Invest in cleaning supplies.
  • Establish your prices and business strategy.
  • Promote your cleaning company.



      4. Event Management:

 For N100,000, you may launch an event management company. Events like weddings, birthday parties, and business gatherings may all be planned.

How to Start Planning Events


  • Intern at a company that plans events.
  • Free Event Planning.
  • Have qualified vendors.
  • Talk with others.
  • Be innovative.
  • Improve your listening skills.
  • Travel.
  • Develop Your Customers' Trust.



     5. Internet business: 

One may open an online store selling goods like clothing, gadgets, cosmetics, or home furnishings. Social media networks may be used to advertise your shop.

How can I launch a little online business?


  • Determine whether your new company concept is viable.
  • Put together a business strategy.
  • Decide on a company name.
  • Choose a structure for your company.
  • Attend to all legal obligations.
  • Decide how you will acquire your items and fulfill orders before building your website.
  • Create and put into action your pre-launch marketing plans.
  • Start up your new company.


     6. Catering: 

With just N100,000, anyone may launch a home-based catering company. You may start by preparing meals for your loved ones, then go on to providing catering for gatherings.

How to Launch a Catering Company


Do some market research. Take a close look at the competition in your region first.

Choose the proper food. More than merely providing nourishment, the food you provide will also provide energy.


Discover your specialty, write a menu, and develop a business plan.

If financing is required, look for it.

Plan a license, 



     7. Hair Salon:

 For N100,000, you could launch your own hair salon. Haircuts, hair treatments, and hair styling are all services you may provide. Offering your services to friends and family might be a good place to start.

Before opening a salon, you need to follow these ten steps.

  • Describe the idea behind your salon.
  • Plan a business strategy for your salon.
  • Register your company.
  • Choose a suitable place.
  • Purchase salon supplies.
  • Choose the appropriate employees.
  • Describe your products and services.
  • Create a marketing strategy.
  • For the first several months, put money aside.
  • Always do research for trending innovations 



      8. Photography: 

If you're passionate about taking pictures, you may start a company with N100,000. You might offer your skills for gatherings, nuptials, or photo shoots.

How to Launch Your Photography Business


  • Buy the Proper Gear. If you want to become a competitor in the photographic industry, you'll need the best equipment obtainable.
  • Think about your expertise.
  • Do market research.
  • Create a presence online.
  • Create your social media handle for people to reach you
  • Do an advert for more potential clients who may like to patronize you.



       9. Food Delivery:

 With N100,000, you can launch a food delivery service. To distribute meals to clients, you can collaborate with eateries.

In Nigeria, how can I begin a food delivery business?


  • The Competition and Possibilities in Nigeria's Market for Food Ordering Businesses. Economic hardship cannot harm the food industry.
  • Startup Capital's source
  • Choose a location:...
  • Name Your Business And Design A Logo:...
  • Create a Company Name:...
  • Order a license:...
  • Decide on a price and a payment technique
  • Accounting.
  • Set aside funds for unseen expenses.
  • Get qualified staff members who can assist.


       10. Mobile Repair Services: 

With N100,000, you may launch a mobile repair services company. Mobile phones and other electrical equipment may be repaired.

How to Open a Repair Shop for Cell Phones


  • A business plan is a must. If a solid business strategy isn't in place, no company can exist.
  • Understand the Expenses (including Startup and Operating Costs)...
  • Understand the market.
  • Choose the Proper Business Name.
  • Choose Your Place Wisely.
  • Expand Your Offerings.
  • Set a competitive service price 
  • Add other complimentary services