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Mar 12, 2023 | By AjoVest



Ajovest is a pure savings platform where users may set aside funds or cash they would otherwise spend on less important items for a certain time to achieve a specific goal.

You may request the money following a certain period of time.


  • One (1) month
  • Three (3) months, 
  • six (6) months, 
  • nine (9) months, 
  • twelve (12) months, and 
  • more duration (Default Time Frame By You)


Kindly download the app here:




The investment package will enable users to save a specific amount over a specific period. The interest rates for this way of saving vary, and they are as follows:


  • Six (6) months of saving at 5% interest
  • Save for a  year at 10% interest.


Kindly download the app here:








Our referral discount program is now optional.


There is no cap on how much you can make for yourself, so it is more like a side job for people who are determined to save and earn, while doing so,

You must save a minimum of N15,000 per month to qualify for this program.

Everyone who registers using your referral link and saves a minimum of N15,000 or more will automatically give you N1000. If you and the person you refer continue to save a minimum of N15,000 & more each month and are on the same package that is on the referral package, you will be paid continuously. Provided they also recommend others


Kindly download our app here:





The amount saved will be subject to an annual 10% charge.

The more you save on this platform, the more likely it is that you will be one of the top 10 savers of the year and receive one of our fantastic presents.




Mr. Silas joined the platform, selected the referral package, and saved at least N15,000 (it may be an installment payment) each month of the year. He then recommended Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Violet, who in turn each saved at least N15,000 on their referral accounts.



Mr. Silas would have saved N180,000. in a year.

Mr. Silas would have made N24,000 from the two people in the same year

He had alluded. He should have made N204,000 for N15,000 over the course of a year.


10% of the N180,000 saved will be charged to your account, giving you minus  N18,000.


 180,000 - 18,000 = 162,000

So, 162,000 + 24,000 = 186,000


Nevertheless, 15,000 Naira in a year should equal 180,000 Naira.


Therefore, it's still a fantastic deal because you made N6,000 more than simply your 180,000 indirect earnings over the course of a year.


I can only guarantee you laughter with this package if you were among the highest savers of the year and had more referrals.






Our cooperative society is astounding and unique.

This is a chance to save for six (6) months while getting a loan for 300% of your money. Attempt to make all payments on or before the fifth of each month of the 12 months in a year under the 12-month repayment plan with 15% interest.


If your repayment is successful, you might choose to apply for more funding from us right away.


Kindly download the app here using the link below:




Mr. Silas signed up to join the cooperative.

deposited N1,000,000 (one million naira) in his cooperative account over the course of six months.


He receives a N3,000,000 (three million naira) loan from the cooperative to be paid back in 12 months.

at a 15% interest rate deducted from the amount disbursed.


Mr. Silas may request another loan or withdraw his N1,000,000 following a satisfactory repayment.


As a result, the procedure is ongoing.