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Jan 16, 2023 | By AjoVest

Let's say you decided to start a new saving goal at the beginning of the year and you promised yourself you will save at least once every two weeks. However, you haven't been saving for weeks now.

Or you want to start a business and you need to save some funds but instead you are going out every weekend with friends or to parties and have fun.

Sounds familiar? it does to me! Sometimes, rather than do things that channels us towards our goals and dreams, we find ourselves whiling away time on short time pleasure.... this is what is known as falling into the trap of reptile brain.

You care too much about short term pleasure

Our brain is always trying to chase short term pleasure and avoiding short term pain that steers us on the path of achieving our goals.

It’s pretty easy to understand how pain could threaten our survival but the real question is what has pleasure gotten us?

For us to achieve anything worthwhile we have to go through pain short or long-term but that is not even the difficult part, ignoring those short-term pleasure is.

So how do you avoid the urge for please ourselves temporarily and displease our goals......permanently?

First of all, become self-aware of things happening around you and understand that it is all in our head, make a list of things that triggers your spending

Secondly, make a list of things you consider as your long-term benefits and set your mind on it.

Always remind yourself about your goals as it helps one stay focus, after all "what is worth doing id worth doing well

Thirdly, use Ajovest app to make consistent saving towards your goals and earn interest on all your savings.