About Us

Get to know more about AjoVest , the first certified digital
thrift collector platform

As a new company in the financial industry trying to survive among its competitors in Nigeria and Africa at large, there is a tendency we will continually make adjustments to suit both our customers and ourselves. After our first campaign launch which was heard on the 5th of November,2022 We have listened to customers' complaints and suggestions. The following will be adjusted and it will be our mode of operations and our services. AjoVest will now have 3 modes of operations

Our Mission

Enhancing financial freedom by saving for a specific goal and period while earning in the process which helps people to manage the funds effectively.

Our Core Values


Our platform will be easy to use and flexible and conform with international standards.


Transparency in all dealings with our clients and members will always be our watch word.


We evolve new ways of doing things and up to date transactional platforms for our clients .


You can trust us to always resolve all issues that may arise to the satisfaction of our clients and members.

How It Works

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